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Speaking & Hosting 

Simon is regularly called upon for personal appearances, to host events, speak at conferences and to perform cookery demonstrations.  


His extensive travels, deep knowledge of food history and his culinary skills give him a unique take on food that he is able to share in an engaging, accessible and amusing way that holds audiences enthralled.


Added to which, Simon’s inspirational talks about his life changing travels (covered in his first book “Eat My Globe”) makes him the ideal person to talk to those who are considering the second and third acts of their lives. 


Simon is able to offer appearances in a wide variety of formats including:

  • Attending product innovation sessions as a SME (subject matter expert)

  • Culinary demonstrations

  • Hosting of Events (corporate conferences, MC of Award Ceremonies, etc.)

  • Lectures on food history

  • Lectures on cocktails (both history and preparation)

  • Meet & Greets with VIPs and sponsors

  • Private dinners for VIPs


John Tomko


1108 Tamarind Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90038

United States


Tel: (323) 654-3333



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Stephen Aron

Professor and Robert N. Burr Department Chair

UCLA Department of History

Having worked alongside Simon Majumdar in the development of a new program series "Convivium: Dining through History," I can attest that his knowledge about food past and present has few peers among scholars, and none of them can cook the way he can. It is a treat to listen to him talk about historical food, and even more of a treat to eat what he prepares.

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Caryl P. Chinn

Executive Producer

All-Star Chef Classic

THANK YOU for participating in this year’s All-Star Chef Classic.  Your joie de vivre and generous hospitality truly stood out and helped make the event the success that it was.

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Pam Waitt


OC Restaurant Association, Inc.

Simon Majumdar has been a wonderful addition to the Golden Foodie Awards. Since he became our host the event has not only been elevated, it has become even more treasured by our local chefs.

On a personal and professional level he is a joy to work with and I'm grateful to have him involved. 

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Saul Kaplan

Founder & Chief Catalyst

Business Innovation Factory

Simon Majumdar had the entire crowd of 500 innovation junkies from around the world attending the BIF8 Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, Rhode Island eating out of his hand. His compelling personal journey and reinvention story centered on a life-long passion for food resonated with an audience of innovation leaders from every social and industry sector.  Both the story and storytelling was inspiring leaving our audience hungry for more. Simon Majumdar is an excellent storyteller with an important message about innovation and self-reinvention that is timely and relevant for leaders of all kinds.

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Kevin L. Ryan

CEO/Executive Director

International Corporate Chefs Association

“Simon Majumdar is inspirational” – He has been a keynote speaker at two of our association conferences for the top menu developers in the nation.  His knowledge on foods from around the World is almost unmatched. He is very organized and methodical in his presentations and takes time to learn his audience in advance.  This engagement leaves the attendees on the edge of their seat almost as if you are traveling with him to these exotic destinations.  He is also an expert on regional American Cuisines – a major benefit for chefs who want to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive foodservice marketplace in the USA.  The other factor I love is that he wants to actually meet and mingle with the attendees at events.  He is truly a culinary star!

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Phil Lee

President, JT Mega

A Full-Service Food Advertising Agency

Our team couldn’t have been more pleased with his work and just as much so with his professionalism and authenticity. He really was a great team player! . . . As an agency focused solely in the food space, I will be sure to recommend him to colleagues and clients whenever possible.

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Linda West

Education Director


[I]t has been my pleasure to work with many Celebrity Chefs and by far, my experience with you was "top shelf." I appreciate so your engagement with the attendees, your respect for the catering special events industry, and your willingness to share your passion and personal stories with us all. . . . If I were to sum this all up in a recipe for an excellent featured speaker, it would read as follows:

  • Take one part very charming, knowledgeable, and well-traveled man.

  • Add an equal part of experiences from worldwide culinary journeys and network television.

  • Sprinkle generously with a passion for life and a gift for sharing.

  • Simmer gently and season with the perfect life and business partner.

  • Serve to your audience, then sit back and enjoy while they are totally entertained and inspired. 

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Dan Clark

Vice President - Partner Development

Convoy of Hope

Simon is a thoughtful presence on-stage, both charming and disarming.  His culinary skills are equalled by his wit.  Our organization is engaged in the global fight against hunger.  At our recent event, Simon shared his unique perspective on why nutritious food is so important and helped underscore our theme with his message that we should be offended by hunger.  Simon was a perfect fit.

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David Nalchajian


David Nalchajian, Inc., Management Services for the Fresno Food Expo

Simon is a roll-up-your-sleeves participant and performer.  It is always special to meet someone truly powered by his passion.  Simon's genuine love of food and people is reflected in his uncanny ability to authentically connect with his audience.  His presence at our event was meaningful and powerful.  We are looking forward to his return next year!

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Dan Page


Taste of Huntington Beach

Our team can't stop talking about how pleasant and fun it was to have you as our Guest Celebrity Judge. . . . You Made A Very Positive Difference! . . . Your distinctive charm and persona went a long way in making our guests feel at home with you.

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Anna Zulaica

"Food Gal" at LinkedIn

Simon was such a pleasure to work with and a true joy. He is real, down to earth, and has such inspiring, hilarious, and amazing stories that draw in a crowd. This multi-talented and multi-faceted man can cook for you, tell you the history about a gimlet, or just sit and talk about traveling and eating around the world. He connected very quickly with our employees at a book signing held on campus and we can't wait to have him back again soon. Perhaps when his next book comes out! 

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Jeffrey M. Sparr

Artist & Co-Founder, PeaceLove Studios

I liken him to a Chef of Life because every time I watch Simon speak I experience the range of human emotions as he takes you on a journey that makes you laugh, cry, think, and be inspired all in one sitting. You stand and applaud knowing you have watched not only a true artist but a great and loving guy.

UCLA Convivium: Dining Through History
Los Angeles, California

Simon curated the inaugural series of dinners with the UCLA Department of History. This, and upcoming meals, will take either an ingredient or a significant period in history, and recreate that in a stunning supper where each course is interspersed with an academic talking about how that particular ingredient or period impacted on history. 

Los Angeles, California

Simon hosted the East West Masters Dinner at the 3rd annual All-Star Chef Classic, which welcomed four days of incredible chef talent from all over the world, mouthwatering cuisine and unforgettable moments! 


Newport Beach, California

Simon hosted the Golden Foodies, an incredible "People's Choice Food Awards" event that honors the Best Chefs, Libations and Cuisine of chef driven and independent restaurants in Orange County, California. Watch the video below from the 2016 event, and this link for the 2015 event.

Providence, Rhode Island

Simon was a storyteller at the BIF Summit, one of the nation's most renowned storytelling gatherings. The BIF Summit provides innovators with the space to be curious and crazy, get inspired, and collide with unusual collaborators. Benevolent troublemakers need community, a space to play, and opportunities to collide. The BIF Summit exists as a means to enable a purposeful community of innovation junkies who want to design, prototype, and test new business models and social systems in the real world.


Chicago, Illinois

Simon spoke about food and eating in a thoughtful way at Chicago Ideas Week, a movement built on a broad spectrum of thinkers and instigators who share ideas to help to transform our world. 

Epicurean Hotel, Tampa, Florida

Simon demonstrated three of his favorite dishes - Life Saving Dahl, Chicken Korma and Gulab Jamun - at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida.

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