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Eating for Britain

EATING FOR BRITAIN is my attempt to construct the perfect day’s British eating based on a year long journey around the U.K.


From the moment I wake up and ponder between a full fry up or an Arbroath Smokie to the moment I go to bed with the last lingering taste of a drop of scotch on my taste buds, I set out to find the very best Britain has to offer and along the way meet the people who make and sell it.


Chefs, farmers, brewers, distillers, fishermen, cheesemakers and restaurant owners all over the country opened their doors so I could experience the food about which they were so passionate. So, join me as I meet the man who invented Chicken Tikka Masala, spend six hours projectile vomiting in a crabbing boat off the coast of Norfolk, sip whisky costing £10,000 a bottle and learn how to make the perfect haggis.



"Majumdar’s book is an excellent read – it’s a testament to his writing skills and enthusiasm for his subject that despite the heavy emphasis on meat-based products, even a vegetarian like myself found the book highly enjoyable." -- Morning Star


"Eating For Britain’s main ingredients are nostalgia, pleasure and pride. It is also an impassioned case for the defence of our much-maligned gastronomy." -- Daily Mail


"Leave you wishing you had something more than a bit of toast to keep you going as you turn the pages…" -- The Observer

"Eating for Britain" by Simon Majumdar softcover with pudding and icing being poured on top + quote from Jay Rayner saying, "Mjumdar writes like a dream and eats like a pig. It's a killer combination."

Buy Eating for Britain
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: John Murray (2010)
ISBN-10: 1848542267
ISBN-13: 978-1848542266

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