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"Fed, White, and Blue" catalogues Simon's journey to American citizenship through extraordinary food experiences. It is now out on paperback. 

Simon Majumar's Fed, White, and Blue softcover with steak in shape of USA wth fork on it

Read Simon's latest article on Saute Magazine and his latest  restaurant reviews on Time Out LA: here, here, herehere, here, hereherehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

If you have read Simon's first book, Eat My Globe, you will know that this simple but nutritious dish is the one that saved his life. A soup-like red lentil dahl based on his family's recipe, it is one of the most satisfying dishes you will ever eat. 

Simon Majumdar's Life Saving Dahl with lentils topped with halved hard boiled eggs, drops of yogurt and cilantro leaves

What makes “Eat My Globe” such a pleasure is that Simon Majumdar seeks not only to saturate himself with sensations but to soak up the significance of every bite he takes along the way...

Alton Brown

Simon Majumdar knows his sh**… Plus – the bastard can write.

Anthony Bourdain


Reading about Simon Majumdar's American food adventures [on FED, WHITE, and BLUE] makes me prouder than ever of our stars and stripes cuisine. . . . His palate is second to none. . . . I should know: I've been on the wrong side of his critics' table on Iron Chef America many times.

Bobby Flay

Iron Chef and Restaurateur

This [FED, WHITE, and BLUE] is a remarkable book. A rich and deeply personal account of food in America as seen from the other side of the pond. Full of wonderful stories and delicious thoughts. I never imagined that I would learn so much.

Geoffrey Zakarian

Iron Chef and Restaurateur

FED, WHITE, and BLUE is the perfect way for readers to explore his deep connections to food and the heart, beginning with an ever-healing family dal recipe and extending all the way to his love of martinis and barbecue alike.

Alex Guarnaschelli

Iron Chef and author of OLD-SCHOOL COMFORT FOOD

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